Friday, April 22, 2011

Brown Eggs vs. White Eggs

Dear Tricia, I've always thought that brown eggs were better for you than white eggs.  Please tell me I'm right.

Well, I can't, because that would make me a liar and no one likes a liar.  

The only difference between brown eggs and white eggs is... da da dum.... they come from different breeds of hens.  That's.  It. 

Yeah, sorry I just burst your bubble.  But that's what I'm here for!

According to my friends at the American Egg Board, white eggs come from white feathered little ladies (with matching white ear lobes) called Single Comb White Leghorn hens, who happen to lay white eggs.  Brown eggs come from red feathered little ladies called Rhode Island Red hens.  Red hens also have matching red ear lobes. (They accessorize so well!)  White hens happen to be smaller, so they eat less.  This can sometimes make their production less expensive, so if you see a difference in price, that may be a factor.  But it doesn't make their eggs taste any different, or mean that one is healthier than the other. 

This all leads me to wonder a plethora of other egg related questions... do the Rhode Island Red hens have accents?  Do they talk just like Lois and Peter Griffin?  And what do the uniforms at the American Egg Board look like?  I think a field trip might seriously be in order.

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