Friday, April 30, 2010

Quick Update for Everyone!

Hello my little pets,

Some of you have been asking me how everything is moving along with my book so I thought I'd give you a little update. Right now, my agent is still in the process of finding the right publisher, so I'm in this weird place where there's a lot of hurrying up and waiting. It gets a little frustrating, but I know that we will find the right fit and What the Bleep will soon move on to become something you can buy in a bookstore.
I apologize for the blog being a little slow lately. I'm less than a month away from getting married (to the most lovely, talented, and creative man I've ever known) so I've been a little preoccupied with wedding planning and traveling.
I also need your input, ideas, and questions! What the Bleep Happened to My Rump Roast? is, and will always be, an interactive blog. So if you like reading it, please keep sending in your dilemmas, but more importantly, share it with your friends. Sharing is caring, people! The more readers I have, the more questions I get. The more questions I can get, the more often I can write. And the more often I can write, the more blogs you get to read. And in the end, everyone wins! (Except for the cast of "The Hills." They'll never win at anything. Ever.)
You can click on the Facebook Share link on the right side of the your screen for every blog that you enjoy. And if you haven't already become a follower, what the hell are you waiting for? And I'm sure if you put my blog in your Facebook status for an hour or two, your cyber friends will enjoy reading it a lot more than reading that you just decided on Subway for lunch. So riveting.
As always, thanks for reading, for your support, and for helping me do what I love to do.

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