Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Alotta Frittata

Dear Tricia, What's a fritatta? I saw it on a menu but it seemed just like a quiche. Are they the same?

You're asking the queen of breakfast-making the ultimate question. No seriously, I used to make breakfast for a living when I was running a little hotel kitchen for a couple of years and I learned everything about my favorite meal of the day. That's also where I met some of my favorite celebrities and got to see them up close and personal, first thing in the morning. Thank god for photoshop, or those people wouldn't have a career.
A fritatta is different than a quiche for a couple of reasons. A quiche is basically an egg custard with cheese and other fillings that gets baked in a pie crust. It's made with about half milk and half eggs so it has a very non-eggy, light consistency. A frittata is eggs that are cooked in a pan with fillings as well. But you scramble up the eggs and fillings until its halfway cooked, and then let it finish cooking in the oven or under a broiler until the top is golden brown. No pie crust required.
A fritatta is basically the Italian version of an omelette, but without all the fancy flipping and folding that those fancy pants French prefer. Not that I'm anti-French or anything, I just prefer to use the quicker option so that I can spend more time doing more important things like exercising. 6 ounce mimosa curls usually do the trick.

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