Thursday, January 15, 2009

My coconut frosting is coco- not white

Dear Tricia, My coconut frosting turned yellow. What did I do wrong?

I got this one via text message while I was at work. And since the economy blows and no one's going out to eat right now, I had time to answer it while making salads, but will transfer it to the blog.
I found out that the ingredients used in this coconut frosting were: evaporated milk, sugar, eggs, butter, and clear vanilla. (Where's the coconut??!)
OK friend, easy answer. Your icing turned yellow because half the ingredients in your recipe are YELLOW. The only way to fix this is to use icing with no yellow ingredients, or perhaps one of the following:

1. Learn to breed albino cows that make white butter with their milk.
2. Use only egg whites, or even better... use the white shell too for extra whitening. Hell, throw in some whitening toothpaste while you're at it. And a dash of Oxy Clean!
3. Re-construct the color spectrum so that our eyes see yellow as white. I see this one as the most feasible option.

For real though, anytime you want white icing, you're going to have to use mostly shortening as the fat because it's white. Even with butter cream icing, and listen up brides because this is directed at you, you'll never get solid white frosting because butter cream has BUTTER in it. It is yellow. It is not white and it never will be. (Although I've seen some crazy mothers of brides get away with some crazy stuff... maybe one of them will figure out how to change the color spectrum.)
To make white coconut frosting, use a shortening-based recipe, and fold in coconut flakes and coconut shortening when it's finished. It's white and its got cool texture with the coconut flakes. It'll taste better if the flakes are toasted, but then your icing will be spotted with brown and that defeats your purpose. But I'll be here next time when you need to know how to fix your brown frosting.

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Rachel said...

So then it is ok for me to use shortening that is "butter flavored" and happens to be yellow, if I am going to color it? Would the naturally yellow color of butter flavored shortening effect any atempt to color it? Like it the shortening is already yellow and I add green will I end up with blue icing? I need a freakin color wheel!

So all those fluffy white cakes that have "coconut icing" is really just white icing with coconut flakes?! I am outraged! Fool me once.... shame on.... your not gonna fool me again!